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what your fellow marketers want VS what they need ?

July 23rd, 2013 · No Comments · Uncategorized

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Hello fellow marketers. Have you ever sat down to ask yourself  what your fellow marketers want VS what they need ?

It is important to identify:
- what your buyers ‘needs’
- what your buyers ‘want’
- what your buyers ‘can afford’
- what your buyers ‘don’t need’

If you know what your email list, website visitors, blog subscribers all want, need and even ‘don’t need’ then you can be more precise on the types of offers you craft and offer them.

Many marketers enter a niche and don’t even know how to address their website visitors needs, let alone their email lists needs. They start with no focus, and carry on with no focus or goal.

1) Testing and tracking is an important part of marketing as you can identify what offers being sold are selling, and which ones are not. After tracking you can see which efforts are bringing you the biggest results and do more of it.

2) Segment your lists into subscriber lists, buyer lists, repeat buyer lists etc, so you know who has purchased what, and who has not.

3) To start marketing online you DO NEED to spend money on services, an autoresponder, a domain, hosting etc, so just accept this.

4) If at first you don’t succeed then try again. Don’t give up on the first hurdle as many do and due to this they don’t get past the first step.

5) For your email lists needs and wants then survey them using surveymonkey, or askdatabase, to find out what their problems and issues are with that niche.

6) After surveying your list, then you should create products based on their needs, and sell them to them (as you know they have them problems due to your survey answers, you can then create what they need)

7) Take extra time to create bonuses and new reports to offer with your package, which should help your customers which they can use.

8) Identify what your customers ‘don’t want’, so that you know Not to sell them these things. This again can be done using the survey services.

Matt Morgan


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