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SPLIT TESTING – are you split testing ??

September 3rd, 2014 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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Are you split testing ?

Split testing is an interesting way to tweak your pages for the maximum conversion yet many people don’t do it.

When Split testing I change one item per test, per time……. then move on. Here is what I mean

First I Split test 2 headlines, pick the winner…..i Use the winner- Done!

(NB The winner is the one which gets the better conversion or the most optins)

- I Split test 2 Subheadings, Pick the winner…..I use the winner- Done!

- I Split test 2 sales copy paragraphs/body, Pick the winner…..I use the winner- Done!

- I Split test 2 pictures, Pick the winner…..I use the winner- Done!

So in each test I am just testing ONE THING per test/ per time.

This helps me fine tune a squeeze page to get the best conversion it can get.

The great advantage now is that there are tools which are out there which make it much easier compared to 10 years ago.

Split testing can have a huge impact on your results aswell, as you might have experienced.

Matt Morgan


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  • Sergio Felix

    Hey Matt, long time no see man!

    To be honest I don’t split test much, actually I can’t even remember the last time I split tested something… but I know, shame on me!

    Anyway, from the theory I know about this, you should only split test one thing at a time, try to drive the same amount and quality of traffic and then pick the winner.

    Once you have the winner, you can continue to split test by changing another thing and you continue to do that until you no longer can tweak it any further.

    Of course, this changes a lot depending on many variables like audience, the offer itself, time of year if it’s dependable on that, etc.

    Anyway, hope you’re still around, I’m kind of worried that I haven’t seen you posting comments anywhere in a long time.

    Take care and hope to speak to you soon again.


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